Social Speed Round With Skai Jackson

Social Speed Round With Skai Jackson


Skai Jackson is not only killing it on Disney’s *Bunk’d* but she’s slaying the best dressed list for every red carpet, and more importantly using her voice to stand up for what she believes. 


We caught up with Skai to find out all about her social media secrets, from who she secretly stalks to her #1 tip to have a killer Twitter feed.


Favorite social media?

SJ: My favorite social media would have to be Instagram! You can connect with so many people and I love seeing what my friends are doing on their free time. 

#comingsoon @theprojectforwomen #skaisthelimit #skaijackson

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My future is looking pretty bright ✨ #skaisthelimit

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Had fun with these two last night @jacobsartorius @beingbabyariel

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Missing Hawaii already…. #skaisthelimit

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Who do you secretly stalk on social media?

SJ: I always stalk Rihanna and Justin Bieber on Instagram.  I always like to see what they are up to and they post the coolest pictures. 

Me and this bad one… @badgalriri #skaisthelimit #rihanna #badgalriri

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Did you ever like an Instagram pic by mistake?

SJ: Yes I’ve done that plenty of times! I’ll scroll like 50 weeks down and like a picture and the person will text me and they are like “did you just like my picture from 50 weeks ago?” It’s so embarrassing haha!

Favorite go-to Instagram filter?

SJ: I usually don’t use Instagram filters, I use VSCO CAM but if I had to choose one I would say Aden. 

What hashtag do you use the most?

SJ: I usually use #skaisthelimit because it means the possibilities are endless and you can do anything that you put your mind to!



What emoji do you wish existed?

SJ: I wish a grandpa with cool glasses was an emoji. It would make me laugh all day!

What’s your favorite emoji?

SJ: My favorite emoji is the heart emoji because my friends sometimes text me the sweetest things and there’s no better emoji to reply back with, then the classic red heart. 


Selfies…. Yay or nay?

SJ: Selfies are definitely a yay! My friends and I take them all the time.  It takes me awhile to get the right angle, but at least one selfie is great for the Instagram feed haha!

What is your go-to selfie pose?

SJ: My go-to selfie pose is just a half smile.  Or a silly face with my best friend. 

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Hey everyone tag 3 friends below (my snapchat is Skaijackson so go add me !) #skaisthelimit

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Gigi ✖️Skai

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What makes you think: I need to take a picture of this!

SJ: I might not be able to see this thing again and it could be a great memory to have!

How long does it take you to come up with the perfect Insta caption?

SJ: It takes me about 5 minutes to come up with the perfect caption.  I always want to say something different and not something I’ve already said before. 

What is your #1 tip to have a killer Twitter feed?

SJ: I would have to say…




People want to see what you are doing on your free time and even different foods. Pictures of some good food is always my fav!


Do you ever look at your tagged pics?

SJ: Sometimes I look at my tagged pictures.  I get so many that it would take forever to go through them all!

How often do you read the comments on Instagram/Twitter?

SJ: I usually read my Twitter comments more than my Instagram ones. I try to read as many as I can. 

Do you ever respond to them?

SJ: Sometimes I will respond to them if they say something sweet that really catches my eye.  I love when people write positive stuff on my page because for them to take the time to do that is really sweet!

What is your phone background?

SJ: My phone background is a picture a fan drew of me.  It’s my favorite, so I have it on my lock screen and currently as my Twitter header.



What’s the last pic you took on your phone?

SJ: The last picture I took on my phone was of my chicken from Chick-fil-A.  Whenever I get it, I always have to take a picture haha!




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